Lit Mag Design

Tufts’ newest literary magazine Future Histories is about to have its first official issue published and distributed around campus! As Design Editor, my responsibilities included:

  • Creating layouts for 20+ pieces of writing
  • Communicating with an Editorial Board of 11 members to gather all of the correct information needed for layout
  • Designing the front and back cover
  • Coordinating with artists to use art and photography throughout the issue
  • Managing a design team consisting of two underclassmen, both of which had never used InDesign before
  • Proofreading pieces and layouts for a final draft
  • Picking fonts, color schemes, and art to make a cohesive and attractive first issue
  • Creating art for pieces that needed it, such as “Threads” and “Disacocion”
  • Creating flowers/leaves illustrations for the opening “letter from the editors” spread

Please enjoy looking through the issue here. I am very proud of the final product, and cannot wait until next semester to do it all over a again.