Published Works

“A Trunk, Full” – short story, Future Histories Literary Magazine

“All My Last Things” – prose piece, The Tufts Observer

“Found” – American Sign Language poem, The Tufts Observer

“Elementary” – flash fiction honorable mention, Reflex Fiction


Script 1: Tommy’s Girl- A young woman works her last day at Tommy’s Diner before going away to college.

Script 2: Summer School – A teenage boy stuck in summer school gets a chance to prove himself to his crush.

Fiction Favorites

Short Story: Commodore Sergeant – A widowed father notices that his son starts sleepwalking shortly after the death of their family dog, Sergeant.

Short Story: Gardening – A young woman discovers something horrible in her small community garden plot.

Essays & Academic Papers

Film Analysis: Reading and Rope – Analysis on the role of books and reading in Hitchcock’s Rope

English Essay: Gulliver’s Travels – A close reading of the Struldbrug passage in Gulliver’s Travels

Literature Analysis: Blood Meridian – An analysis of Cormac McCarthy’s use of wolf, stone, and coin imagery in Blood Meridian.

Film Analysis: Mean Streets – A close look at Martin Scorceses’ modern take on Italian neo-realism and the gangster genres.

Reading Between the Lines: Lolita – An effort to understand the dark, dismal undercurrents of Humbert Humbert’s life in Lolita.